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The Great Automatic Light Saga or How to control a WeMo light from your PC

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Summary: Control a lamp with a script on your PC via WiFi and a WeMo Switch This is going to get a bit convoluted so try and stick with me. I moved house the end of last year and, as happens every time, I left behind all the alterations and small tweaks ...

The Selfie – Remote Switch for Camera Phone

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="268"] Selfie remote switch for iPhone[/caption] While they might call this a gimmick an its inspiration may be the #selfie, I'm convinced this could be useful to someone unable to hold a phone or press the button on their phone to take a picture. via Coolest Gadgets

Much awaited new Accessibility feature – iOS 7 Switch Control

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

From the AblenetInc youtube page comes some info on Switch Control in iOS7 "iOS 7 includes a powerful new accessibility feature, Switch Control. For users with significant physical disabilities, Switch Control is a much needed feature that provides access to almost every feature in iOS 7 through the use of one ...

Doorbell sends SMS Message when Pressed

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

  Along the lines of the Notifying Doorbell comes another project to enhance a doorbell. This Project from Martin’s Hobby site has details on a Wireless Doorbell that sends SMS Message when Activated. Includes the code for you to make your own. Via: Hacked Gadgets

The MaKey MaKey configurable input system

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

It's amazing how many times some creative, fun thing gets invented for basically 'play' that can be used in an alternate scenario for such real world benefit. Such it is with this MaKey MaKey system that allows anything to be an input device. This really got my brain whirring as ...

Buttonless remote control – move it

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

[caption id="attachment_427" align="alignnone" width="203" caption="buttonless remote"][/caption] This remote has no buttons. Instead it uses an accelerometer to enable activation by movement. About the accelerometer: [Via: Make: Online : Arduino powered buttonless remote control]

RFID controlled phone dialing

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

More and more uses are surfacing for RFID chips and I can foresee many practical applications for alternative access to a myriad of life related activities. Hackaday reports on a phone prototype which uses RFID tags to dial. It is common for our motor skills and eyesight to deteriorate as we get ...

A myriad of relay controls for Makers incl USB

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="{usb relay}"][/caption] There's been discussion previously on the blog about some off the shelf, usb controlled power outlets that a few readers were chasing. I recently received the below email from a reader, Tom Stephenson, about USB control of devices using relays. Thanks Tom. Hello Dave - Lifekludger, I think you ...

Puff activated kick pedal mod for Guitar Hero

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

[caption id="attachment_332" align="alignnone" width="290" caption="{puff switch for gh}"][/caption]Ben Heck has modded the kick pedal on the drums of guitar hero so it can be operated by puff of the mouth by someone who uses a wheelchair.   Ben shows exactly how he went about the awesome mod over on his blog in ...

Mobile-controlled Home Automation DIY

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Control 8x240v outputs via mobile/web. sydney guy. Even without wap, offers great step-by-step DIY environmental control idea. [Link]

Tongue Control

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

clipped from For Immediate Release June 30, 2008 A new assistive technology developed by engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology could help individuals with severe disabilities lead more independent lives. The novel system allows individuals with disabilities to operate a computer, control a powered wheelchair and interact with their environments simply by ...

Alarm backup power from phone lines?

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

I came across this site called It's a how-to style video sharing site with heaps of neat tricks and tips. This video below got me thinking about emergency backup sources for such things as alarms etc. Watch it to the end. How to Get Free Electricity Watch more DIY videos on 5min.com Near ...