If the iPhone 7 removes the Home button it will become less accessible

May 19th, 2016 | by dnw |

Techinsider recently posted a roundup of rumours expected for the iPhone 7.

One in particular has me worried for the future if it comes to fruition.


It’s rumoured the home button could be replaced by a touch sensor.


Not being able to have a physical button to press would spell the end of the phone’s usefulness for anyone using a stick or other part of their body to go home on an iPhone. For example, I use my knuckle as my fingers are permanently bent.

Maybe the touch sensor would be able to recognise my knuckle-print? I might give it a try. However accessibility is about providing options for characteristics a person cannot change – every time an option is removed is a time a device becomes that little bit less accessible.

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  2. By Rob Boutmy on May 19, 2016 | Reply

    I think that’s a problem with a lot of tech these days. I stopped using smartphones an use a old Nokia phone with buttons. On my pc I’ve installed BlueStacks to simulate Android environment for Whats app etc.

    Same problem I did encounter with the new netbooks/laptops. The touchpads have integrated mouse buttons, which are not actually buttons anymore. I work around this problem with a a fixed travel mouse on the side with the buttons towards me. So I use the touchpad to move the mouse arrow (with the side of my hand) and the buttons of the fixed mouse. I use a stick attached to a hand brace.

    Kind regards at keep up the good work!

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