AnyGlove Liquid makes any glove touch capable

December 11th, 2012 | by dnw |

AnyGlove is a liquid that turns Average Gloves into Smart Gloves

Evidently this “AnyGlove” liquid will turn any glove into a touchscreen-friendly glove.

AnyGlove is a liquid you apply to the fingertips of any glove which then makes the area to with the liquid usable on your touchscreen device.

It’s said the effect wears off after a while and then you can reapply for the same effect.

Now I immediately thought maybe it would work if I paint some on the end of my mouth stick, which it made of plastic with a rubber thimble end, and thereby make it usable on my touchscreen phone.

AnyGlove is sold for $15 per bottle on Amazon, but they don’t ship to Australia so I couldn’t test it out.

If there’s anyone in the US who’d like to try it out on a mouthstick I’d be welcome of a guest post here on Lifekludger.

via AnyGlove is a Magic Potion That Transforms Average Gloves into Smart Gloves on Chip Chick.

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