The MaKey MaKey configurable input system

November 25th, 2012 | by dnw |

It’s amazing how many times some creative, fun thing gets invented for basically ‘play’ that can be used in an alternate scenario for such real world benefit. Such it is with this MaKey MaKey system that allows anything to be an input device. This really got my brain whirring as to how many ways this could be used as alternate input.

From the Firebox site:

“Basically, MaKey MaKey allows you to create computer controllers from everyday items. All you need is the kit, some crocodile clips and an assortment of objects. Any material that will conduct even a slight electrical current will work as a control surface; from Play-Doh to pencils, from grapes to Grandma.”

Be sure to watch the video above for some interesting examples

makey makey

The MaKey MaKey sells on Firebox or ThinkGeek

via ChipChick – MaKey MaKey Turns Potatoes into Game Controllers

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