Open-Source Hardware for Prosthetics

April 21st, 2009 | by dnw |

Scientific American has an article about the Open Prosthetics Project.

The Open Prosthetics Project has applied the “open source” model to the design of inexpensive prosthetic hands and arms that a small demand can still support. The designs are free for anyone to use.

This is an exiting project to me as it’s an example of what Lifekludger would hope to do across a wide range of adaptive device areas – crowd source adaptive technology solutions in an open environment.
The wiki describes a “collaboration between users, designers and funders”, which in Lifekludger terms would be Livers, Makers and Givers, respectively.

What is also interesting is the foot note on this site page that inverts the usual locking things away from the public by registering the designs so they stay open.

All content and designs on this site are in the public domain, and we place no restrictions on their use. We encourage any derivative works, but all designs are registered periodically so that our work cannot be kept from the public by patents.

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*Hat tip Lloyd Walker from Novitatech for the email.

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