AlarMe – Alert watch with style

January 12th, 2008 | by dnw |

alarme_v.jpgAlarMe is a very unique watch that has the ability to alert those who cannot hear an audible alarm by vibration. Multidirectional microphones that can register a drastic change in ambient sound level, or pick up specially asigned frequencies alert the user. The LED lights and face alert the user as to what the alarm is, and if it is a serious situation.

The aspect that impresses me about this device is that it uses technology in a functional way that can enhance someone with hearig difficulties life, let alone potentially save it. However beyond that it performs this ‘utilitarian’ function in a way that is discreet and unobtrusive and with stylish and smart design. It demonstrates what can be achieved if form is incorporated into the design from the outset as well as just function. Designer Nikita Golovlev has done a great job. I personally would like to see this approach taken more in product design for devices used in these circumstances.


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