Lifekludger Links Weekly #9

March 20th, 2007 | by dnw |

Bit late this week….

# » GUIDe: Gaze-enhanced User Interface Design
Eyegaze softwarec from Stanford. Aimed at being a mouse replacement. Still requires keyboard activation. Wonder how it would work with voice activation to replace required keyboard functions.

# » Sophisticated Circuits PowerKey Pro Model 650
PowerKey Pro 650 – USB controlled power board (Mac only control)

# » Popgadget: Almost unbreakable umbrella: Senz
More context shifting. These umbrellas might be designed for high winds but the elongated shape makes it perfect for use in a wheelchair. Have you ever tried to cover your lap with an umbrella while sitting? This is just the ticket.

# » AMBER Alert Child ID Kit
Could have possible applications in aged care or disability areas.

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