Anti-gravity ergonomics

February 15th, 2007 | by dnw |

gravitonus ergonomic workstation

This is an interesting looking device. Some kind of fully floating computer controlled ergonomic workstation, suppossedly designed by a “group of researchers involved in medical research for persons with spinal cord injury”.

The multifunctional GRAViTONUS® system allows moving the user in space freely. It comes with an on-board computer which constantly analyses positions of a body, measures local temperature and pressure on different body parts. The system adapts to the user depending on his or her psychophysical activity thus creating maximum comfort, anticipating his or her desires.


I have but one question. How the hell do you transfer a person who has quadriplegia into the chair!

Another device from the same group.

Third arm for invalids (invalid….shudder. ed.)

third arm

ACCS is placed in a person’s mouth (and comprises a tongue controlled directional command module along with 12 additional commands). It does not interfere with breathing, talk and consumption of fluids.

Without resorting to outside assistance, users can operate his or her movement accessory device, independently make telephone calls and respond to them. They can even be virtually present in any part of a house and actively participate in the life of their family, as well as use unlimited capabilities of the computer and INTERNET.

Well, there ya go. Being ‘virtually’ present (as opposed to ‘actually’ present?) in any part of my house….without using my ‘movement accessory device”…(I wonder if that is a wheelchair)….wow.

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